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Designer Keeps LEL Cyclists on Brand

1812 days ago

…I have had the pleasure of working on print and logo design for similarly esteemed sporting events, so …


Audax Long Distance Cycling Logo and Branding

1353 days ago

Logo design, branding and much more for Audax UK. Find brand …


Identity for The Drawing Room, Chesterfield.

1350 days ago

Logo design for The Drawing Room, Chesterfield. Web site now …

Family History Explorer Logo

Family History Explorer Logo

2298 days ago

…at the areas that could be approached for the logo design. Some revolve around the ‘Family Tree’ element, … Logo Video Showcase Family History Explorer Logo Design from Kieran Harrod on Vimeo. And the YouTube …

Textile Deli Woolly Logo

Textile Deli Branding and Logo

2094 days ago

…Disciplines Undertaken Logo Design | Branding | Adobe Illustrator Textile Deli Logo …


Yellow - Corporate Identity

2117 days ago

…Disciplines Undertaken Logo Design | Branding | Adobe Illustrator Yellow approached …

Interis Logo Derby

Interis Logo

2080 days ago

…Disciplines Undertaken Logo Design | Branding | Adobe Illustrator Interis, an IT …


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How much does a logo cost?

192 days ago

…with an idea to be more succinct and direct, logo design starts from £500. But you just said it could cost … nothing I did, I know! But not a logo designed by me. Well, just how can I get a free logo … design? A 100% free logo design is possible, though it’s easier to get one … a couple of things to consider before creating a logo design contest; How much is your £500 of payment really …

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Logos 2017

Logo Folio 2017 - Kieran Harrod

209 days ago

…One Place Warm, welcoming and clear branding and logo design for healthcare startup. Care in One Place Logo … minded, caring outlook. Henmore Health Logo Design #3 – Christ Church Central Leeds … C’s and an L, Christ Church Central Leeds. Church Logo Design #4 – Bottle Brook Fine Arts Prints Smart, … St Alkmund’s and St Paul’s Churches Logo design for two Church of England Parish Churches. St. … #9 – Pizza Cut Friendly pizza based logo design for online based pizza delivery start-up. #10 …

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Nautical Discount

Feeling Nautical? Get 10% off!

389 days ago

…the 30th of June, I’m offering 10% of new logo design services to anyone who can make a nautical link! … many things nautically angled! Head over to the Logo Design Pricing page to explore typical costs amd get in …

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Every File You'll Ever Need

Logo Project Delivery, What Files Should You Expect?

533 days ago

…process of you using what you’ve paid for. Logo Design File Types .ai This is an Adobe Illustrator file, …

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Logo Design in 2017

564 days ago

…to become partners in their business success. Logo Design Costs Each branding package is tailored to suit … noting that whatever the project scale, my core logo design offering is the same, excellent branding from … What do I get for that? You’ll find some logo design services promising a certain number of ideas and … services, or the website who arrange spec work logo design where multiple designers get paid nothing to … to deliver an all round bespoke brand offering. Logo Design Examples   View all logo and brand designs …

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It was refreshing to work with an experienced, professional graphic designer who quickly understood what we wanted to achieve at Scoops Diner. We provided the bare bones and Kieran fleshed it out to create a spectacular end product design. Aside from the graphic design, I found Kieran to be a warm, genuine, humorous and down to earth chap who pro-actively gave positive and constructive advice on other aspects of our business. I have already and will continue to recommend Kieran to other businesses for his design services work.

Aftab Rehman - Scoops Diner


How much does a logo cost? »

A logo could cost anywhere from nothing to a six-figure sum and over!

You’re not here to be given a huge ballpark figure, so, along with an idea to be more succinct and direct, logo design starts from £500.

Logo Folio 2017 - Kieran Harrod »

A review of 2017 in logos.

A Tale of Two Christmas Flyers »

How to make sure you design for your audience, told by two very different Christmas flyers.

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