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Tip #3 - What's in a Name?

2072 days ago

…of the country. I’d suggest that if you’re a mobile DJ, why not get a .DJ (the extension for …


Scroll Gates Web Site

1979 days ago

…clarity, the page also detects visitors using a mobile browser on a smart phone and reorganises the … content to suit into a single column allowing mobile visitors to view the site in a suitable format …


Langley Coatings Web Site Design

1719 days ago

…Langley Coatings to the visitor. The site is also mobile friendly version, do visit the Mobile Web Design …


Glenorchy Centre Website

1546 days ago

…| SEO | Photography | HTML5 | CSS3 | Branding | Mobile Web The Glenorchy Centre is an affordable … the site is built to resize from PC to tablet to mobile organically providing the very best experience to …


Event Promotion for Mobilise Your Workforce

1428 days ago

…industry looking at the ever changing future of mobile technology. Hosted by longstanding mobile … promotional materials and a mini-site with mobile variation for the 2012 event titled “Still … laptop computer, finishing with a modern handheld mobile device. Once I’d created the main …


CUE Brochure Design

1372 days ago

…images from some of the brands, which included mobile phone accessories, fashion products and home …


Church Logo and Branding for Christ Church Derby

552 days ago

…the web site, including the mobile responsive variation, power point presentations …

TBS Web Design Belper

TBS Mobility Website & Branding

249 days ago

…Custom website design for TBS Mobility, a mobile workforce solutions provider. TBS work alongside … bespoke software solutions to manage workers via mobile handsets in the field with office based mapping …

Responsive Church Website Design

International Presbyterian Church Web Site Design

75 days ago

…and Korea. All of this resizes and realigns for mobile and tablet devices and users can select locations …



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I started working with Kieran a few months back when he helped me brand a new company. I can’t say enough about him. He’s professional, genuine, talented and is very knowledgeable on a range of topics. If you’re looking for a Graphic Designer in the Derby area, contact Kieran.

Liam Cresswell - ChemClarity


Protecting against the Wordpress ReST Vulnerability »

When the ReST vulnerability hit the news, I was happy that my hosted websites were already safe.

Logo Project Delivery, What Files Should You Expect? »

At some point in the discussion of a new branding project, the client will almost always ask what files they expect to receive. At first, I found this an odd query, although perfectly valid, my assumption was alway that I’d supply every file they’d need, why would I design a logo and do anything less?

Logo Design in 2017 »

Lets cut to the chase, I’ll assume you’re reading this because are looking for a logo?

Good, because designing logos is what I do.

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